The Fiction of Madeliene L'Engle

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Key to Font Colors:

Green: Time to dialogue
Blue: links (These will take you to different sites. You will have to use the back arrow to return.
Red: Extra credit opportunities
Black: Assignments and their explanations

Annotations | Key to Font Colors: | Read Chapters Three and Four | | Read Chapters Five and Six | Read Chapters Seven and Eight | Read Chapters Nine and Ten | Read Chapters Eleven and Twelve | End of the Book | Test
  • Read the dialogue question and the information on this page before you read the assigned chapters.
  • When you have finished reading, return to this page and click the discussion icon.
  • Write the date
  • Write your name
  • Write the name of the literature that you are annotating.
  • Write about the dialogue question and ask or comment on anything else in the book.
  • Create a thread or two: Comment on what other students have written.
Choose a different font color in order to make your comments stand out when commenting on other students' discussions. Remember: You can comment on comments. You are not limited on how many comments you make. Guideline: Your blogs must be thoughtful: you don't need to agree and should disagree from time to time, but always be respectful when doing this.

Extra Credit: Provide a picture or a link for added effect if you like. Maybe you have a source or site or even a photo, or clip art that you want to share. Maybe you want to add a poem or ask a question of your own.

*Add a link to something interesting related to the book if you like.

Read Chapters One and Two

Read online
Read online

Dialogue: Explain how Meg thinks about herself. Give examples from the book. Is she a confident person? What are her positive and negative qualities? What should she be proud of? What should she be grateful for? What should she work on in order to grow as a person?

Read Chapters Three and Four

As you read:
  • What is a tesseract?
  • Who or what are Mrs. Who, Mrs. Which, and Mrs. Whatsit?
  • What is a sport
  • What makes you think that Calvin and especially Charles are new?

What is the fourth dimension by Dr. Quantum?
What is the fourth dimension by Dr. Quantum?

What is quantum physics by Dr. Quantum (Really this guy,, Dr. Wolf).
What is quantum physics by Dr. Quantum (Really this guy,, Dr. Wolf).

What is the fourth dimension?
What is the fourth dimension?

Dialogue: What do you think of the fourth dimension; the Tesseract?

Read Chapters Five and Six

Now NowWe are going deep. You will use a website to help you with this process.

Click here to access the Wrinkle in Time site.
Click here to access the Wrinkle in Time site.

Step 1

You will find yourself on the theme page for A Wrinkle in Time. When there, you will see the following themes:
  • Wisdom and Knowledge
  • Appearances
  • Language and Communication
  • Fate and Free Will
  • Good vs Evil
  • Love
  • Fear
  • Time
Read through these. Click on the blue subheadings and there is more text to read. You need to pick one theme that you will track through the book. Once you have chose it, open up your notebook and write the theme down. Then write a paragraph summarizing what was said about it.

Step 2

Go back to the shmoop website and click on the quotes tab for A Wrinkle in Time. Find the same theme: You will find pages of quotes from the book that relate to these themes. Read them and then write down where they are found in the book. Find them in the book and put sticky notes on the pages where they are located. This will help you write an essay at the end of the book about the theme you have chosen.

Step 3

Go to the "allusions" section under the Analysis tab at shmoop. Read the list of philosophical references. Choose one person from the list and look them up. Write a chunky paragraph about why they are important. Do this a second time with a historical reference. We will share these with our classmates for an oral language grade.

Dialogue: Mrs. Whatsit says, "Only a fool isn't afraid." Do you agree with this? Does this apply to other situations? Does it mean that you shouldn't participate?

Read Chapters Seven and Eight

We are now concerned with character. Go to the shmoop website and click the tab "character" for A Wrinkle in Time. Read each character analysis. *Remember to click the blue subheadings to see if there is more to read. As you read these, think about how your chosen theme applies to the characters. Choose one character and write about this.

Another character analysis to read.

Dialogue: Meg is about to meet her father: Meg has not seen him for many years and he has been imprisoned for a long time. Predict what he will look like. Why do you feel he will look this way? How will he look different to Meg?

Read Chapters Nine and Ten

Dialogue: You can dialogue about either one of these:

  1. What did Meg know would happen if she lost consciousness? What did she turn to when she thought she was going to lose consciousness?
  2. In Chapter 10 Meg discovers that her seemingly omnipotent father is only human after all. Being disappointed with an adult can be a difficult experience for a young person. Try to remember a time when you were disappointed with an adult that you respected. Why was this such a difficult experience?

Read Chapters Eleven and Twelve

You have a couple of things to do:

Step 1:

Step 2:

End of the Book

Step 1:

Go back to shmoop. Review the theme you chose and the quotes associated with it. ( I hope you still have your pages marked: you're going to need them.) Write a five paragraph essay about the theme of the book. It should have an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. Use both direct quotes and paraphrasing in the essay.

Use this site as a guide to write your essay:
How to write a five paragraph essay
Run off this outline to help you organize your essay: The outline is required and will be graded.

Step 2:

These sites will help you to use quotations correctly: Look through these and learn how to use quotes correctly. You will have a language quiz about quotes. It will be true and false and multiple choice for the most part.
How to use quotes and paraphrasing correctly
How to smoothly include quotes
Length of quotes and citing
How to punctuate quotes
Punctuate and take a quiz

How to create in text citations
We love citation machine


Dialogue: Explain as to whether you would have chosen the same theme if you would have read the book before you made your choice, or whether another theme is better for this book. I had you read several chapters before making your choice: When do you think the best time to choose a theme is; before reading, part way in, or at the end? What are the pros and cons of each choice?

Step 1

Prepare for your test by
  • Going to shmoop and taking as many quizzes as you can. Take them more than once if you need to.
  • Reviewing the Analysis tab at Concentrate on the following areas: symbolism, imagery, allegory, setting, narrator's point of view, genre, tone Tough-o-meter, and plot.

Step 2

Take your test and ace it.

*Extra Credit: You may go back to the "allusion" section under the Analysis tab at shmoop and find historical and philosophical references that have not been explored. You may look these people up and write paragraphs about them. If we have time, you may be asked to present these to your classmates. If this is so, you will receive extra points for doing so.