The importance of Complete Sentences with Barry Lane:

Four Types of Sentences:

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Subjects and Predicates

Compound Subjects

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Online Games for Subjects and Predicates
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What is a sentence?

Types of Verbs:
Action Verbs:

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Great Resource at TpT
Compound Subjects and Predicates vs Compound Sentences
Compound Subjects and Predicates vs Compound Sentences

Four patterns that create a complete independent clause.

  • I. Subject, verb,
  • II. Subject, verb, object.
  • III. Subject, verb, subject compliment,
  • IV. Subject, verb, Adverbial (Prepositions) where, when, how, why

What is a Verb?
Three kinds of verbs:
I. Action verbs
II. Linking verbs
III. Helping (Auxiliary) verbs.

Linking Verbs:

How to tell the difference between action verbs and linking verbs:

Helping Verbs or Auxiliary Verbs:

Helping Verb Song:

I. Verb:
II. Verb Tense:
A. Present
B. Past
C. Future

III. Verb Forms:
1. The base form
2. The present (-s or -es)
3. The ing form
4. The past form
5. The past participle (-ed or -en)

Passive and Active Tense Verbs:

Online Verb Game
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What is a clause?

Independent Clauses:

Dependent Clauses (Subordinate)
I. Noun Clause

II. Adjective Clause (Relative)

III. Adverb Clause

IV. That Clause

What is the difference between a phrase and a clause?

What is a phrase?

1. Prepositional Phrases

2. Noun Phrases

3. Gerund Phrases

4. Infinitive Phrases

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Find infinitives in songs:

.5. Adjective Phrases

1. Participial Phrase:

6. Adverbial Phrases

Find gerunds and infinitives in songs:

How to use phrases:

What is a clause?


Sentence fragment:

I. You implied
II. Interjection:
III. Dependent Clause:
A. Subordinating Conjunction
B. Main Clause (Independent Clause)
How can you tell if you have a sentence?

Fixing run ons and incomplete sentences or fragments:

Four Types of Sentences:

I. Simple:
II. Complex:
III. Compound:
IV. Compound-Complex:

Types of Sentences Games
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Review for test:
A. Basic
1. Subject
2. Predicate
3. Elliptical
B. Complements
1. Direct Object
2. Indirect Object
3. Object Complement
4. Subject Complement
5. Predicate Nominative
6. Predficate Adjective
C. Basic Sentences
1. Simple
2. Compound
3. Complex
4. Compound/Complex

Using semi colons



When to change your paragraph?


Remember TiPToP:
1. Time:
2. Person:
3. Topic:
4. Place:

Now get out a book: List why the author changed paragraphs each time.