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Ideas for card exchange here

Cards and Box:

Are you tired of giving the same ol' Valentine's greetings to your classmates. Well, here is a list of wonderful ideas. Take a look; there might be something that appeals to you. Remember that we either don't give any Valentines or we give one to everyone.

You will create a Valentine's Day box. Double dip and make something that you can use for an upcoming project. This is what you need to do:
  1. If you are a fifth grader, make a box that you can use as a prop for Living Museum.
  2. If you are a sixth grader, make a prop that you can use for the World's Fair project.
  3. You will need to write a mini expository essay that provides information about your box theme. The length of this essay is to be a chunky paragraph to a page long. You are required to have at least one source and it is to be sited.
  4. Your box will be eligible for a contest. It is to be brought in the day before Valentine's Day. It will be judged on the following criteria:
    1. Historic significance
    2. Detail and thoroughness
    3. Creativity

Student List Needed.

Secret Valentines

We will have Secret Valentines the week before Valentine's Day. This is a questionnaire that will help your Secret Valentine know more about you. You will get one too.

This is the schedule for Secret Valentines:
  1. 3 point paragraph about your Secret Valentine is due the first day

  1. A "You Are" poem is due the second day.

  1. A riddle and a treat is due the third day.
    1. This is a flip book of four or more clues
    2. Start with the least obvious clue on the front
    3. Progressively use clues that narrow the possibilities
    4. By the fourth hint, your Secret Valentine should be able to figure out who you are
    5. On the back of the last page, give them a way to find out if they haven't guessed
      1. Your book should be decorated
      2. It can have more hints but not less than four hints
  • You must participate unless prior arrangements are made.
  • You must be positive: Of course you will be.
  • You can only give a gift or treat on the last day.
  • The treat or gift can not exceed five dollars and you are encouraged to make something homemade.
  • You will make a pop-up or origami card for the person who was your Secret Valentine.
How to write a thank you card
How to write a thank you card 2
Valentine's pop-up
Valentine Origami Cards

Valentine's Creature

You will create a fantasy setting and fantasy personified heart animal out of layered construction paper.
You will use at least two Latin or Greek stems in the creatures scientific name.
You will write a narrative story about your creature.

If your creature is named Devel's Heart, it would be develcor in Latin. If your creature is named Angel Love, it would be angelusamere in Latin.
Here is the link to google translate. First, type in English and then Latin. Next, type in the single words that make up your Valentine creature's name. Put them together and you have made a scientific name. It is fun. This is how scientists name things.

Here's your Google Translator link
Here's your Google Translator link

This will help you write about your animal.

This is a sample of an introductory paragraph (exposition).

This is a fancy paper that can be used for the final draft.


It is time for you to write a limerick. First look through these links and watch these youtube videos. Then write a limerick of your own. There are templates and such below the youtube videos.
Compose a Lovely Valentine
Compose a Lovely Valentine
Valentine's Elf.png
Examples of Limericks

Stressed and unstressed Sylables

Some Limericks: